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Pi'ilani Hawaiian Civic Club
Lance Clarose, President

Pi'ilani Hawaiian Civic Club of Colorado is a member of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs. There are a number of clubs both in Hawai'i and on the Mainland.

Pi'ilani is made up of Native Hawaiians, other current and former residents of the State of Hawai'i, and people who care about Hawai'i and Hawaiian culture. Click here to join the Pi'ilani Hawaiian Civic Club.

Pi'ilani's vision is to share the love of Hawai'i with one another, and to come together to benefit our adopted state of Colorado through service, outreach, and aloha.

Pi'ilani was a chief on the island of Maui. The name is associated with strength and authority, further reinforced by community. The name was given by Pi'ilani's sponsoring club, 'Ainahau o Kaleponi. The leadership of that club has their roots on Maui.

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Kwiaht: Center for the Historical Ecology of the Salish Sea
Russel Barsh, Director
2108-G Fisherman Bay Road
P.O. Box 415
Lopez , WA 98261

Kwiáht was incorporated in 2006 to offer local, participatory scientific research for sound stewardship of the San Juan Archipelago and to strengthen science education in our communities. Kwiaht works with scientists and students from San Juan County and the Salish Sea as a research co-operative.

Amongst other projects, Kwiáht works with public land managers to identify, map, and develop conservation strategies for the islands' botanical legacy. For example, Kwiáht is mapping the genetic and varietal diversity of the most important plant traditionally cultivated by Coast Salish peoples: camas ( Camassia spp), which today grows wild on more than 50 islands in San Juan County .

In the main Coast Salish language of Puget Sound, Kwiáht is a spiritually clean place.

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Halau Hula O Na Mauna Pohaku
Tammie Haáwina Chaumillon
919 Taylor Lane
Erie, CO 80516

Halau Hula O Na Mauna Pohaku
is a not for profit hula dance organization located in Boulder, Colorado. The Hálau is a member of Boulder County Arts Alliance. The mission of Halau Hula O Na Mauna Pohaku includes: to assist each student to grow spiritually and culturally through learning the culture of the Hawaiian peoples through dance by learning and appreciating the history, translation, vocabulary, and interpretation of each dance; to support all students, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, age, race, religion, and cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds as they dedicate themselves to perpetuate, protect, respect, and live the "Spirit of Aloha" through hula; and to maintain protocol, history and teachings of past generations.
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Native American Trading Company
Jack Lima and Robin Lima Riddel
213 W. 13th Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80204
Phone (303) 534-0771

The Native American Trading Company is the leading source of antique weavings, pottery, baskets, jewelry, artifacts, and photographs by Edward Sherrif Curtis in the Rocky Mountain Region. Located in a historic mission-revival townhome built in 1906, Native American Trading Company is one block from Denver's Civic center and is across the street from the newly expanded Denver Art Museum. Jack and Robin have hosted two of the Institute's art shows: Natasha Keating's Whakawhiti Te Moana (To Cross an Ocean) in 2006 and Bunky Echohawk's Living ICONS in 2007.

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Babana Aboriginal Men's Group
Mark Spinks and Don Clark
PO Box 3292
Redfern, NSW Australia

Babana is an incorporated organization of Aboriginal men living and working in the Redfern/Waterloo area of Sydney, Australia. Babana came together as a loose group in 2006 to discuss the isolation of men from the decision-making process in the Aboriginal community and to provide support for isolated, disabled or aged-frail Aboriginal men. Babana was incorporated in July 2007 and has since become a cohesive and influential focus for men who wish to create positive change within the Aborignal community and to provide support to male-led initiatives that effectuate changes that benefit both the Aboriginal community and the community at large.

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