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Maori Geometric Design

Title:  Tribal Social & Cultural Institutions for Long-Term Stewardship of Hazardous Sites
Author:  Kimberly TallBear
Date:  April 3, 2001
Abstract: This paper, rather than being the product of in-depth research, suggests needed areas of inquiry for the development of tribal social and cultural institutions for long-term stewardship.
Title:  Superfund in Indian Country, The Role of the Federal-Indian Trust Relationship in Prioritizing Cleanup
Author:  Mervyn L. Tano
Date:  March 10, 1998
Abstract:  Presented at the Compliance and Beyond: Partners in Meeting the Challenge.  The First Annual Civilian Federal Agency Environmental Symposium.  Denver, Colorado.

Title: Implementing the Recommendations of the Federal Facilities Environmental Restoration Dialogue Committee in Indian Country: Lesson Learned
Author:  Mervyn L. Tano
Date: March 5, 1997

Title:  Framework for Evaluating Tribal Solid Waste Management Programs
Author:  Mervyn L. Tano
Title:  Conformity: The Sleeping Giant
Author:  James W. Spensely, Spensley & Associates
Title:  A Native American Perspective on Sustainable Infrastructures
Author:  Stuart G. Harris, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Keywords: environment, culture, Native American, sustainable, infrastructure, traditional environmental knowledge
Title:  New Transportation Projects Must Conform with Clean Air Act Goals
Author:  James W. Spensley, Spensley & Associates
Title:  On Becoming A Tribal Natural Resource Manager:  Some Friendly Advice from a Long-Time Observer
Author:  Mervyn L. Tano
Title:  Understanding the Federal/Tribal Relationship and Barriers to Including Tribes in Environmental Decision Making
Author:  Kimberly M. Tallbear
Title:  Environmental Justice in Indian Country: The Role of the National Environmental Policy Act
Author:  Mervyn L. Tano
Title: Developing Agile Tribal Leaders and Agile Tribal Institutions to Adaptively Manage and Mitigate the Impacts of Climate Change in Indian Country
Author:  Mervyn L. Tano
Date: December 2006