International Institute for
Indigenous Resource Management


Date: April 6, 2001
Author: David J. Stephenson, Jr. J.D., Ph.D. Title:  Contracts and Licenses for Genetic Information: An Introduction to Alternative Mechanisms for Protecting the Intellectual Property of American Indians in The Context of the Human Genome Project
Date: June 2001 Author: James W. Zion Title:  Traditional Indian Law, the Intellectual Property Regime, and the Protection of Indigenous Genetic Materials
Date: January 2002
Author: Russel Lawrence Barsh Title:  Pharmacogenomic Drug Discovery: Real Actors and Real Issues for Native Peoples
Date: January 2002 Authors: Kyra Lit and Mervyn L. Tano Title:  Geographical Indicators and the Protection of Indigenous Resources: An Examination of How Geographical Indicators Can Be Utilized as a Tool to Protect Indigenous Resources from Outside Exploitation and Generic Limitations
Date: May 2002 Author: Grant E. Isaac and William A. Kerr Title:  International Trade, Intellectual Property Rights, and Indigenous Knowledge: The Case of Plant Genetic Resources
Date: May 2002 Author: Arthur Manuel and Nicole Schabus Title:  Indigenous Peoples Intellectual and Real Property: Free Prior Informed Consent