International Institute for
Indigenous Resource Management


Title:  Comments of Kimberly TallBear Regarding Private Fuel Storage Project on the Skull Valley Band of Goshute Reservation
Author:  Kimberly Tallbear
Date:  June 2000

Title:  Briefing Book for Tribal Decision-Makers on the Management of Disposition of Weapon-Usable Plutonium
Author:  Mervyn L. Tano
Date:  January 1999

Title: An Indian Tribal View of the Back End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle:  Legal, Historical and Cultural Lessons
Authors: Mervyn L. Tano, Esq., J. Herman Reuben, Cultural Resources Specialist, Environmental Restoration and Waste Management, Donna Powanukee, Manager, Environmental Restoration and Waste Management.

Title:  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Program and the Trust Doctorine
Description:  This paper was prepared under the direction of Mervyn L. Tano.  It was first presented in 1994 at the workshop on low-level radioactive waste management in Indian country sponsored by the Council of Energy Resource Tribes and the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe in Laughlin, Nevada.

Title:  Rethinking Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management and Indian Tribes: Pitfalls, Perils and Opportunities for Concerned Tribal Leadership
Authors: Matthew Leivas Sr. , Mervyn Tano
Title: Changing Notions of Environmental Justice in the Decision to Host a Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility on the Skull Valley Goshute Reservation
Authors: Noriko Ishiyama, Kimberly Tallbear