International Institute for
Indigenous Resource Management


Title: Identifying the Burdens and Opportunities for Tribes and Communities in Federal Facility Cleanup Activities: Environmental Remediation Technology Assessment Matrix For Tribal and Community Decision-Makers Supported by a grant from the Citizen's Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund.
Authors: Mervyn L. Tano, Jeanne M. Rubin, and Kacey C. Denham

Title: Environmental Remediation Technology Matrix for Tribal Decision Makers
Authors: Kristie L. Baptiste,  Kimberly Tallbear,  Mervyn L. Tano
Abstract:  Tribal decision-makers can use the matrix to guide their assessment of how technologies will require Tribes to build their regulatory and environmental protection capacity, their capacity to respond to emergencies, defend treaty rights and protect Tribal resources.

Title: Handbook for Conducting Oral History Interviews Related to Tribal and Indian Participation in the Construction, Operation, and Cleanup of the Nuclear Weapons Complex
Authors: Cristann Gibson and Mervyn L. Tano
Date: March 1999

Title: The Historical Roots of Tribal Involvement in the Development, Operation and Cleanup of DOE's Weapons Complex
Authors: Brandt Petrasek, Albert Wing, Milton Bluehouse, Mervyn L. Tano
Date: March 1999

Title: Indigenous Place and Development
Author: Matalena Tofa
Date: February 2006
Title: Developing Agile Tribal Leaders and Agile Tribal Institutions to Adaptively Manage and Mitigate the Impacts of Climate Change in Indian Country
Author: Mervyn L. Tano
Date: December 2006
Title: Climate Change and Indian Tribes: A Historical Perspective
Author: Mervyn L. Tano
Date: January 2007
Title: Review - Oh, Say, Can You See?: The Semiotics of the Military in Hawai'i
Author: Mervyn L. Tano
Date: July 2008